Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tender Goodbyes and Warm Welcome

Another Post, Another Disclaimer!
My internet was just fixed again yesterday (for the fourth time this month) so I'm going to try and hurry to get this posted before it crashes!  We had the added bonus of having the telephone line (which brings in the boosted internet) unavailable for 3 weeks because the line was cut when a ditch was dug behind our fence.

We had a great group of missionaries leave us for home in March.  They were our experienced missionaries and leaders when we arrived and have served the Lord so well in our mission.  We will really miss them!

Gathering at the temple sight before a group trip to the craft market:
Ready for some shopping!


One enterprising craftsman made a special wood carving for us!


Returning with bags full of treasures.

Getting the luggage and custom made suits ready for the return trip to home and families. 

Time to visit

Preparing for the last night in Ghana sleepover at the Mission Home

Ready for bed in the souvenir hoodie:

 Up early, ready to head to the temple:

Pictures at the Temple:

What a great group!

Ready for testimony meeting at the Mission Home:

Sharing goodbye wishes in Journals::.

Final group shot with Kente banners  - Name, Mission Name and Year:

Getting ready for the first group to leave for the airport:

Off to the airport and Nigeria:

Men in black!

The rest repack their suitcases - making sure they have room for their souvenirs.  White shirts generally don't make the cut:) Note the new chosen attire.  (They did put back on their last white shirt for the plane trip:)

Support your favorite team! 

Shoes worn out in the service of the Lord:

 Final meal in Ghana: 

Off to United States and England!  What a handsome group!

 Goodbye, good luck, always in our hearts - WE WILL MISS YOU!!!


Next day - New Missionaries:

From all over Africa  - includig some of the first missionaries from South Sudan and Ethiopia!

Early birds get the FIRST MAIL!


New Missionaries


 Meet Your New Companion!  So exciting!


Final instruction for Trainers and New Missionaries:

Off to new assignments:


All gather to say goodbye to companions, greet old friends and meet new companions before gathering all their stuff to take a tro tro or taxi to their new areas.  Looks like half the missionaries have come.


 Looks like ELVIS!?!

Another adventure begins!

And tomorrow (April 30) we repeat the process with 14 new missionaries!