Saturday, December 20, 2014

Farewells and Welcomes October 2014

Great missionaries heading home!  WE MISS THEM!!!


 MTC Group - they all came and are leaving together!

 Final Accra Temple trip.

 Departing missionaries, AP's and Office Elders. 

 Departing missionaries at temple with President and Sister Hill

 Relaxing before the plane trip home. 


 Final  photo op with banners and the mission dog, Simba.

And they are off!

One last  "men in black" shot!

Elder Peabody's departure was delayed because of the quarantine of his home country, Liberia.  He stayed and was a trainer until the flights resumed there.  We are grateful he stayed and served here for a few more weeks and that he arrived home safely and is now serving as a great leader in the Liberian Branches and Districts.

Missionaries from the Ghana MTC arrive:



The Ghana MTC Group

 New missionaries waiting for companions.

Sister trainers:

 Companions meet:

The other half of our new missionaries arrived a day later from the Provo MTC.  They had a flight canceled and then spent a day in the London airport after a missed flight.  We were happy and relieved when they made it here. 

 .Since they arrived 2 days later than expected, the new missionaries were there for our Mission Leadership Council (held the first Thursday each month) and got to meet the APs, Office Elders, Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders.

One more missionary came mid-transfer to join this group (from French to English training)

 We gathered all the Missionaries who came the first of October a couple of weeks later for additional training, as well as to  meet with their full MTC group.  October new missionaries:

New Missionaries and President and Sister Hill

New missionaries with trainers:

New missionaries, trainers and Office Council Elders.

New missionaries and trainers:

AP - ready to train everyone!


The only time I get to be taller than the Elders - stand on a ledge:)


Too much down time since we don't have missionaries to be trained today:)

It's hard to get them to say goodbye - especially when they are not sure they'll see each other again in Ghana.  We like to think of the eternal friendships they (and we) have made!