Monday, January 26, 2015

November 2014 - Comings and Goings

It's still very hard to say goodbye!  Welcome to Elder and Sister Keele (left front) who arrived a week before the departure of our office couple - Elder and Sister Wall (right front) to be trained as our new office couple.
Below - Office Elders, Assistants, the Keeles, the Hills and the Walls.

Our visit to the Art Market turned out to be a missionaries in training drum session!

Sister Hill found a puppy who has found a home in the Art Market.  Simba (the mission home dog) probably wouldn't appreciate her bringing him home:)

We gather for our Monday night farewell dinner and testimony meeting for the departing missionaries:

Our farewell photo op wearing the Kente banner for the Ghana Accra West Mission:

Departing missionaries with the Senior Couples serving in the mission.

Departing missionaries with the missionaries serving in the office (companions) - notice how somehow 
Elder Hansen is shorter than his companion - Elder Ikoro plus
 Elder Bay and Elder Morrison are the same height??! (:

Senior Couples watching Photo Ops:

Senior couples, the Berretts and the Lathams, at the temple the next morning:

Departing Sisters and Elders:

President Hill working:

Departing missionaries with President and Sister Hill

 - - and Elder and Sister Wall

Senior Couples in the Ghana Accra West Mission

Back at the Mission Home - in the kitchen with Georgina:

Modeling new custom made suit with vest and "matching pants":)

Elder Wall's last yummy bag of plantain chips from a vendor on the way to the airport!

Airport departure and final goodbyes - we will miss you!

Arriving missionaries and senior couples the same day as departure (we kept the Walls busy right up to the last minute (:  Thanks so much dear Elder and Sister Wallfor all you did for the mission - your service is so appreciated!!!   We miss you!

  Arriving missionaries - November MTC

New missionary training with trainers at the Tesano chapel:

New Missionaries:


New Assistant with President Hill:

Meet your companion:  In all but one below - new missionary is on the right:

(new missionary on left)

Lunch and getting to know your companion:

Transfers:  Greeting old friends, meeting new companions, enjoying time together: 


From the same MTC:

What great missionaries we have!!!

The hawkers can't help but take advantage of a parking lot full of hungry missionaries:

3 generations of trainers/trainees:

Packing up taxis and tro-tros - saying goodbye:

New Assistant (left) sending off missionaries - kind of like herding cats (:

One of their own - getting married!  Congratulations to Elder Zollinger

Heading out to the BUSH with Elder Dalton!


I'm only 2 transfers behind with posting - I finally realized that it's been hard to keep up since we averaged a transfer, an arrival or a departure - plus other events - every 3 weeks the last 6 months.  Looking to 2015 slowing down a little (:  I really am an optimist by nature (: