Saturday, October 17, 2015


I've had several questions about mail in the last few weeks so here's a post with just mailing instructions.  You should receive these with the mission call but just in case here's the information. 


You can always contact President Hill directly at his personal email - and me at  We're glad to answer questions directly.
We generally receive emails quickly.

Mission Address:

Mail and packages:

Ghana Accra West Mission
PMB CT 209
Accra, Ghana, West Africa

First through the U.S. Mail. (The address, of course, will be the same from anywhere in the world.)

Regular package mail. A Priority Mail envelope (9 x 12) may be used and filled. It is best to tape all around the envelope to prevent easy opening. That costs about $24.00. It is like any flat rate mail in that you can fill it till it bulges. (I have seen other small packages arrive here that cost up to $70?!? because of the weight)
Bigger boxes are by weight and do eventually get here.  They are also typically opened for inspection at customs and we are charged a customs fee to pick them up.  

It takes from 3 weeks to 3 months for a package to arrive.  I had a flat rate package take nearly 5 months.  They do seem to eventually get here.  

 CHRISTMAS MAIL -  If you want to insure your Christmas package arrives - send it early and clearly mark that it is for Christmas and we'll try to hold on to it til Christmas.  Right now we are planning our Christmas party mid-December but last year we delivered packages right up til the day before Christmas.


The pouch in Salt Lake City is also available. A piece of 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper should be folded in thirds, taped, addressed, return addressed and stamped and sent to Salt Lake City at:

Ghana Accra West Mission
P.O. Box 301050
Salt Lake City, Utah 84130-0150
Don't send anything besides 1 piece of paper!

UPS, DHL and FEDEX are also available.  They are costly but come directly, quickly to the mission office.  These commercial companies are the only ones who deliver directly to our office.  Otherwise, the Cantonment address should be used.  

Use ONLY for UPS, DHL or FEDEX: 

Ghana Accra West Mission
#3 Cocoa Palms
4TH Circular Rd
Accra, Ghana, West Africa

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