Friday, June 13, 2014

Old & New Office

 When we came to the mission in July our "temporary" home (until another is remodeled) and our mission office were a few miles apart.  The office was in an apartment complex while our home was in a housing compound across town.  It could take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to travel between the two.

The end of February, when it looked like there were unavoidable delays in the new mission home, we were able to move our mission office to the home (now used as our office) 2 doors down from ours - to #3 Cocoa Palms.  

Some shots of the office before the move:

President Hill's office:

The storage room:

The copy room:

Looking out to the main office:

The main office:

 Front porch of the new office:



The new office - before the move - still empty:  (Our mission home would look the same if it were empty:)
The foyer:


The staircase looking back to the 

The Kitchen:


The Living Room - soon to be the main office:

 The Dining Room - soon to be the office council room:


 Looking down to the Living Room from the upstairs balcony:
The office has the same floor plan as our home - modified now to office space and upstairs housing for our office couple:.

 Moving day:


President Hill's office:




The main office:

Our Office Elders and Assistants:

Assistants - One returning home, one continuing, one starting:

Office Elders:

Main Office - Elder and Sister Wall  - our Office Couple extraordinaire!


Under the stairs mail center (soon to be new post office box style shelving)

Copy Room:

Office with custom built cabinets on right:


Meeting in Presidents office:

Return With Honor - Our Ghana Accra West Missionaries:

By March 7, 2014:

By May 21, 2014:

Our home and office neighborhood:

 Front Gate:

Looking down the street:

Across the street:

Looking at the office:

Front yard flowers:

The Mission Home Cocoa Palms #1

Our front door:

 Toward the neighborhood park:

 We are so blessed to have the office close by!   We live and work in a lovely spot in Accra!