Saturday, October 17, 2015

February 2015

Internet coming though today - a good day in Ghana(:  I'll take advantage of internet and available time to add some updates.  Sorry this is so old but I want to make sure I get at least all Farewells and Welcomes posted.  As I've worked on this today it makes me homesick for all of you who have gone home!.  Good for me to see your faces and bring back memories - hope it's good for all of you too!

February Farewells!

Departing missionaries and office crew:

Gotta smile!

Senior Couples - Ghana Accra West Mission

Berrett's Farewell after serving in both the Monrovia, Liberia Mission and the Ghana Accra West Mission!
Thanks for your faithful service!

Welcome to the Ghana Accra West Mission!

Meet Your Companion!

Instruction for New Missionaries and Trainers:

February Transfers at Tesano Chapel:

Another transfer - another adventure!  Miss those of you who are gone!

Love you all!

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