Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Registering As Non-Ghanian Residents & Mission Leadership Council

This last week was very busy - with another busy week coming up (.  I think I'm catching on that is what I should expect for the next three years.  It seems we just get one activity finished and a new one begins.

Last week, on Monday, we had 2 Zones meet at the Area Office to register as non-citizen residents.  A law was passed that all non-Ghanian's had to register (and pay a tax) and we were all required to get a special ID.    It turned out that most of the Accra mission came as well and it was a great reunion time for our missionaries who have now served in both missions. (If you didn't get an email from your missionary last week, this is the reason since it took most of the day)  I took some random shots of the missionaries waiting to get the paperwork done I'll share below:

Monday September 2 - Tesano & Kaneshie Zones :

 Here's what the new ID card looks like:


Kasoa Zone this week - Monday September 9.  Since we just had one Zone and none of the other mission it took a lot less time.  I think on both days the missionaries enjoyed spending time together!

Last week we had 4 Open Houses (I'll explain more and post pictures next week), a Mission Leadership Council, & a missionary farewell.   Since I didn't get back to the pictures from our August Leadership Council I'll post them below. 

The council consists of the President, the Assistants, Zone Leaders and Sister Leaders.  Our meetings generally last all day.

August MLC:

September Mission Leadership Council:

Watching Video of the Assistants we are using to train wards, branches and missionaries for our Open Houses:

 Our missionary farewell, with the Office Elders - Returning Elder on my left:

 Finally got a photo op with the New Elder from the MTC 
(missing from photos 2 weeks ago) and his Trainer 



  1. As always, love to see pictures, and glad that you are in some, too!

  2. Thanks for the pictures again. Since Ian lost his camera, these are the only pictures we get this week.