Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Return With Honor, Come Forth to Serve

We had 3 missionaries complete their missions and return home on November 12th.  Prior to the departure of our missionaries we have them over to the mission home for dinner and a short  program and testimony meeting.  We present them with mission banners and attend the temple together. 

Our office Elders enjoy some music before the program begins.



Final Temple Trip Before Leaving the Mission

Our New Missionary Group arrives November 13th.
Missionaries Fresh from the MTC

New Companions




Training with new companions



Transfer Day - Saying farewell to old companions, getting to know new ones and new places. 



Small world moment:  Elder meets his older brother's mission President (served in the Durban, South Africa mission) who is here in Ghana doing some work who also happens to be a college friend of President Hill.
Loaded up, ready to go!  Enjoy new experiences and new areas of assignment!

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