Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kwabeng Chapel Open House

Last month (oops - 2 months ago now) we had an Open House for a newly completed building in Kwabeng, in one of our Bush Districts - Abomosu.  The Assistants, the Office Elders and President Hill and I made the trek for the event.

The ride to Kwabeng starts out in Accra on a very nice highway.  After the first hour it turns into alternately a dirt road and back to a partially finished highway for most of 2+ additional hours.  Here are a few scenic pictures of our road trip.


This bridge is complete but the access on either side isn't.  Vendors have taken advantage of the cement umbrella to set up their wares. 

Our first view of the new chapel and missionaries in Kwabeng:

Are the Elders excited to see us or the mail? (Disclaimer - Volunteer in blue - not a missionary)
We had just barely parked when we looked over to the front of the building as the local Chief arrived with his royal party to visit the new chapel.  (Chief with headdress under the royal umbrella)


 Elders  - part of the Royal Party???
A view of the new chapel and grounds while waiting for opening ceremonies:
View of neighborhood.
Lower Level courtyard.
Open main level courtyard - baptismal font to right (open doors) - separate Relief Society
building is to left.
 Baptismal Font:
(Font behind with mirror.)

Who is this white lady with the camera?!?!


  Chapel ready for Opening Ceremonies:

President Hill with President of Abomosu District:

Chief & company make their way to the chapel.
Royal umbrella waits for return of the Chief:
Chiefs:) on stand prepared to make a few remarks. 
Village chief shared that he had been to the U.S. many times and
several times to Temple Square in Utah.
 He said: "I know all about Mormons.  One day, I too, will be baptized!"

Tour begins:


Back to chapel before departing.         Final words with President Hill:



Open House continues.  Bringing passers-by in from the street.




Behold, OUR Royal Army!

Ready in the chapel for closing remarks following the Open House.


Final Goodbyes!

The Road Back:


Are we almost back? 




Blue Skies (a local fresh fruit drink) & road trip tradition - enough to re-energize
 near the end of a long day!


  1. Thank you for these wonderful pics! My son is currently serving in Kwabeng and I was able to see him in 3 of them. He has even taught the King on a few occasions! He has shared some pics with us but nothing that gave us the perspective of your view while traveling there and also while at the new chapel. What a gift! Such a beautiful place, beautiful chapel and such beautiful people, it's no wonder that he has said that he never wants to leave Kwabeng! Thank you again! Jeanie Sharp

  2. I love all of these pictures, I feel like I was there! The elders sleeping in the car made me laugh, their treat, and dad with his arm around them.