Monday, July 29, 2013

Today Marks One Month in Accra

I can't believe we've been in Accra for one month.  Our time here has been pretty much non-stop.

The day after we arrived we went to church in Tesano.  It is the ward we will belong to when we move to our mission home that is under construction.  (It is about 1/2 hour from where we are living right now.  When it is finished our mission office will also be on the property.) 

First view of the Tesano chapel:

We were greeted warmly, invited to sit on the stand and share our testimonies.  I do know that this is where the Lord wants us to be!

That evening President and Sister Dickson came by our home to visit before they left Ghana for Utah.  He has been Area President here and will always be special to us for the precious experience we shared together when he called Norman to the Stake Presidency in Lagos, Nigeria.  We are sad they are not staying here but know they have much to catch up on with their family back in the US.  

I shared a couple of pictures last week from our conferences with all the mission - the Tri-Zone, which includes the 3 Stakes we are responsible for - Kaneshie, Tesano and Kasoa (the names, as well of our 3 Zones) and Asamankese Zone which includes two districts, Abomosu & Asamankese (both 2-4 hours away in the bush).  Here are a few more pictures from those events held that first Friday and Saturday.

Kaneshie Stake Center, where we held the Tri-Zone Conference.

 A few spontaneous shots of the Tri-Zone Conference.  Brother and Sister Wall on the left - our awesome office couple from Centerville, Utah.  We're trying to convince them to stay our full three years!!!

We split the group into Zones and had the Assistants instruct 2 of the groups while President Hill and I visited with the third group.

3 Zones:

It's hard to say goodbye when you are gathered with all of your friends!

We drove out to Asamankese on Saturday, the 6th of July.
Pre-Zone conference visiting:

First view of Asamankese Chapel:

 Closer! An OASIS!

Pre & post-conference:

The lawn-mowing team:

Our great Senior Couple in Asamankese, the Nielsons, from Monroe, Utah - the Hills and President Wellington.   Brother Wall in the background doing a "street contact" with 2 local girls. 

Group shot - Asamankese Zone with Walls, Zone Leaders and District President, President Wellington in back.


I'm trying to post as many pictures as possible.  For those of you wishing more pictures from your missionaries, let me just say, downloading pictures is EXTREMELY SLOW and I have lots more time than they do.

Thanks for being the greatest missionaries (our missionaries here) and a great missionary support team back home, wherever home may be!   Know that your sacrifice for the Lord is honored and you will be blessed!


  1. Sister Hill,
    Could you please confirm the mailing address for the Accra West Mission? I have never gotten anything in writing and we want to make sure we have the correct one before Elder Sharp leaves. A week from Thursday - SO EXCITING!!
    Thank you! Jeanie Sharp

  2. Thanks for posting pictures! We are friends of Elder Poland and haven't been able to see a picture of him for 8 months! So fun to scroll through and see him sitting there. You all are in our prayers!