Monday, July 22, 2013


We've been in Accra now for 3 weeks.  So much has happened that I'm not sure where to start.  First I probably want to share a disclaimer.  It seems every time I've had time to work on this blog we haven't had internet - so there's my excuse.  I'll probably have to come up with something new when the internet is more reliable:)
From leaving Houston, to the MTC, to my parents 89th birthday celebration, to saying goodbyes, to a new mission, meeting new missionaries, Zone conferences, missionary apartment visits, district meetings, transfers and getting our first missionaries from the MTC, trips to the "bush"& lots of new sights and sounds it has so far been quite an adventure!
I'll start with our first day in Ghana, but reserve the right to post later about the MTC and goodbyes.
Our adventure began with our flight to JFK airport.  We met a Ghanaian Brother from Bountiful and 2 missionaries who were heading to the MTC in Ghana.  Their flight had been delayed out of Salt Lake City and since they would have missed their flight in New York the missionaries got to spend the night at the home of the Elder from Bountiful.  (That Mom got one extra night with her missionary son)  As we were getting off the plane in New York we met Sister Reeves from the Relief Society General Board Presidency.  She was off to pick up a son from a mission.

We arrived at the Ghana airport on Saturday June 29th (2 hours late).  Our first view out the window of Accra.

A mural on the wall just as we walked in the airport

As we waited for our flight out of JFK we discovered another Elder who had missed the flight to Accra the night before only he had spent his night in the JFK airport.  Here we all are leaving customs heading out for our adventures in Ghana.  They were all going to the Cape Coast Mission, though we thought we should get first choice since we found them first:)

President Hill and our luggage.

Our new AP's, Elder Christensen & Elder Kyeremteng and Brother and Sister Wall, our office Senior couple, were there to greet us (after patiently waiting for our late flight - we found our later).

 Our first view of our Mission Home (temporarily while the other is being built), as we arrived with our AP's and Brother and Sister Wall.

Saturday evening we met President and Sister Judd, who preside over the Ghana Accra Mission.  They not only greeted us warmly, have helped us regularly but have also shared some really awesome missionaries with us.  We couldn't be more grateful for their generosity!

We met all of our missionaries in the first week.  Here's a preview of those awesome missionaries!
Our first Tri-Zone Conference at Kaneshie Chapel.

 Tri-Zone Conference #1

 Tri-Zone Conference #2

Sister Missionaries and Sister Hill

 Missionaries in the "bush" at Asamankese Chapel

We began with 93 missionaries, added 10 from the MTC July 10th and will add approximately 60 more in the next 6 months (sadly losing a few as they are released and return to their families.

Our first missionaries from the Ghana MTC!

 One Elder had a Visa delay, went to the MTC in South Africa and arrived later in the day.

I apologize if I missed missionaries.  I'm trying to capture & share them all!  More about our awesome missionaries next blog!


  1. Thank you so much for doing this blog. Our family is very excited to see glimpses of the Ghana Accra West Mission. Mike & Tamie Jensen, parents of Elder Zachery Jensen

  2. I cannot thank you enough for doing a blog!! Our missionary has had such a hard time email pictures to us and it's been really hard not seeing him and seeing where he lives and the area he is in. Seeing his face barely peeking over a shoulder just made my day!! I will be a faithful follower!! Tammy Nelson, mom of Elder Zach Nelson

  3. We love the pictures!! Our missionary has a hard time sending pictures as well so it is fun to spot him in your pictures.
    Steven and Chrissy Ray, parents of Elder Steven Taylor Ray

  4. So happy you're there safe and sound! We can't wait to see and read more!

    Jeanie Sharp

  5. I am excited to see a blog as well. My son Taylor Carson will be entering the Ghana MTC on September 20th. It feels good being able to and hear about the places he will be.

    Carrie Carson

  6. wow, I love this!!! You have so many sister missionaries, I didn't realize, how fun! Love all the group pictures! Also love that pic of dad pensively looking out of the plane window once you landed;)

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