Monday, October 7, 2013

Fond Farewells and Warm Welcomes!

Last week was a very busy one for the Ghana Accra West Mission.  3 of our missionaries returned to their homes "With Honor" after completing their 2 years here, including one of our original Assistants, Elder Kyeremateng.  We had 18 new missionaries come from the MTC, a major transfer (which were are referring to as "Fruit Basket" since there were so many changes) and a Mission Leaders Council.  

Below, the final photo of the Office Elders, President Hill and the Assistants before the transfer.
Waiting for President Hill to finish his phone call.  (something that happens often:) 

Our original Office Missionaries - set up operations for the Ghana Accra West Mission from the beginning................THANKS SO MUCH!!!!

Missionaries returning home, here with President and Sister Hill, wearing their traditional banners given as a departing gift (which includes their name and the mission name).

Departing missionaries after our time together in the temple. 

Our new missionaries arrived from the Ghana MTC Wednesday morning at  7 am, ready for a day of training and new companions.

Luggage lining church halls. 

First order of business, writing letters home to let families know of safe arrival in mission.

Waiting for instructions.


Training time - new missionaries.  We have 17 Elders -15 from the United States, 1 from Kenya, and 1 Elder and 1 Sister from South Africa.
 Close Ups!
 Trainers prepared and excited to meet new missionary companions!
He said his Mom promised him he'd need to play the piano on his mission.  Her prophecy came true on his first day:)  He did a great job!
Companionship's - Trainer on left - new missionary on right:  (President Hill says height had nothing to do with putting missionaries together - it does look, in some cases, more planned than random:)


 Getting to know each other over lunch.

 Training together as new companionship's.

Transfer Day - lots of luggage - lots of goodbyes and welcomes and all hands on deck to help!  Thanks especially to our Senior Missionary Couples who do major hauling of missionaries and missionary stuff!


Graduation day - from our first MTC group in August, officially & successfully completing the first 12 weeks of missionary training and service.

Moms, if you don't recognize your sons who have been on their missions for a few weeks, you might want to carefully check faces under haircuts.  I know that I do a double take recognizing Elders after their first haircut:)

Exciting week - great new missionaries - what a JOY to serve in the Ghana Accra West Mission!


  1. Wow, how exciting to see such a big crop of new missionaries with their new companions! That new sister is adorable and I'm loving her ruffle shirt;)

  2. Elder Ralph is our missionary. Hey from Florida. Glad I came across this site, sorry it took so long. It's great to see some pictures, you still have a great smile and look happy. Stay diligent, keep up the good work, service, and faith. We love you, I'll write soon. Love, Phillip and family.

  3. Elder Nielson!!! So great to be a part of the first group of a brand new Mission. Yay!! Oh, do we love that missionary! :)