Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kaneshie Stake Conference

Kaneshie Stake Conference

Since the focus for Stake Conference this time was the Work of Salvation (updated term for Missionary, Rescuing and Temple work) we decided to share our Open House materials and posters for those who brought friends to Stake Conference.  

Tents in front of Keneshie Chapel, with missionaries manning the tables and posters.

President Hill explains our poster "Go Ye Into All the World" to Elder Curtis (Africa West Area President) and Sister Curtis.  The large stands and pictures were made from church materials for the Open House held each week at the Accra Temple.  The posters (as held by President Hill) were made for our Open Houses from pictures taken by Brother Leslie Nilsson from Salt Lake City last Spring. He graciously shared them with us.  We wanted our Open Houses to reflect the local culture.  (More about our posters & Open Houses later)

One of our favorite posters:

Missionaries served as ushers for Stake Conference. 3 of the 4 of these had only been here in Ghana for a little over a week.  They've jumped into missionary work quite well! 

Some of our dear Ghanaian Saints dressed up for conference. 

Can never resist a photo op of a sleeping baby!

Note the dress of the Sister on the left.  This fabric was apparently made when President Hinckley visited Ghana and Nigeria years ago. (I also saw the fabric on dresses of Sisters in Nigeria.)  The pictures on the dress include President Hinckley surrounded by the previous Prophets of the Church.   Joseph Smith is also pictured on the left of President Hinckley.

 Our Kaneshie Zone after Saturday afternoon conference session.  First time for missionaries to be invited to the adult session because it focused on the "Work of Salvation".  President Hill had them all stand, in the congregation wherever they were, and sing "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission".  He has asked that they go into Primary and teach a Primary song to the children - a way to build good relationships with the members.

 President and Sister Curtis with a couple of our missionaries who wanted a photo op.

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