Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fond Farewell & Welcomes, Again!

So the hardest part for me is seeing the missionaries I love leave the mission to return home.  Since this happens mostly every 6 weeks I should be used to it but it is hard to say goodbye!  We are happy the missionaries get to return to friends and family and wish them the best life has to offer, but we will miss them!

June Farewell!
Temple Excursion - Departing Elders:


 Departing Elders with Office Elders and Assistants:

Waiting for Testimony Meeting at the Mission Home 


Final pose with our first Office Elder:

Final Instructions from Elder Wall

 Bag check - what can we leave behind to  make the weight limit?

 President and Sister Hill with the new Missionaries June 11

New Missionaries:


 Welcome new companions!



Welcome Ward missionaries filling in with trainers until missionaries still in language training come from the MTC - in a couple of weeks.




 Mid-transfers departing sister:


 June 25 - New missionaries fresh from the MTC - from DR Congo, french speaking:  Lots of English still to learn!  We were expecting 4 but ended up with 2.  

Their trainers and English tutors:)

The one sure thing we can depend on remaining constant - CHANGE!  We'll miss the returning missionaries and wish them a wonderful post-mission life.  We watch for them on Facebook! - our post-mission information source:)

Welcome to all the new missionaries!

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