Monday, July 28, 2014

June Transfer Day

Usually I post transfer day with Farewells/Welcomes (Check blog post from last week) but the post got too long so here are the pictures I took on transfer day in June.  (Besides, since the internet is working I'm taking advantage of getting pictures downloaded:)  Transfer day is always a time for greeting past buddies and companions.  We end up having almost half the mission at the Tesano Stake Center - coming early and staying as long as possible!

Let me make a note here about mail.  FYI - The post office here is opening almost every box received  and charging high customs fees.  We, of course, don't know if items are removed or not.  Electronic items are most likely to incur very high fees.  We tried to cover customs fees since before Christmas but the costs are rising dramatically and we are again asking missionaries to pay those fees.  The flat rate priority mail package is still the best way to send items and not be charged a fee.  The envelope can be stuffed and then completely covered in tape and we seldom have them opened or charged high fees.  Thanks for your thoughtfulness in sending care packages but realize that between the high cost of mailing and the customs fees the missionary may appreciate a few dollars added to his/her bank account. We are always looking for visitors to Ghana who might be willing to bring a few items that might not be available here.  We will try to find someone coming to bring items that you are concerned about sending.  THANKS!








 Assistants and Office Elders - June


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