Thursday, June 4, 2015

Accra Ghana State of Emergency

This is just a quick post to let everyone who reads this that all missionaries in our mission may be wet but they are safe.  We've had  lots of rain in the last few days which caused major flooding in and around Accra last night.  A major gas station, only a few blocks from one of our apartments, where apparently many were sheltering from the storm, somehow ignited and exploded killing many people.  Our missionaries close by were flooded in their apartment but all four made it out safely and stayed in our home last night.  We had Mission Leadership Training this morning and since all Zone Leaders were here had them call and tell all missionaries to stay in their apartments today.  Again, all are safe! 

If you know other missionary parents, please share.  We'll  work on contacting as many as possible.
Thanks,I'm sure all of the prayers heading our direction protected our fine missionaries.
 Sister Hill

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  1. Please, Please, Please post some more pictures!!! We LOVE seeing pictures of our missionaries!!!!