Monday, June 1, 2015

December 2014 Departures

(Disclaimer: thought I had posted this - just found in my draft folder - SORRY!!

We bid a fond farewell to 3 of our missionaries just before Christmas. 

Our Ghana Accra West Kente Banners - presented after our farewell Testimony meeting:


Missionaries, Simba and Us - Hate to see you go!

Office Elders, Assistants and Missionaries leaving:

Elder and Sister Keele, Elders and Elder and Sister Berrett:

3 Assistants:

Plenty of Photo OPS!

Must have souvenirs - Caftans (President Hill pulled his Nigerian one out for this Photo OP)

Farewell (non-alcoholic:) toast

Our sleeping mats - being readied for the night's sleepover:

Departing missionaries all tried to finish the Book of Mormon end of year (in their case - end of mission) challenge - before boarding the plane for home:

Must play one final game:

The going home suit.  If they brought a suit this is the second time it's been worn - Arrival and departure days!  Many have suits made here to wear home - personal tailors!

Handsome group!

Traditional "after the temple" photos:

Office Elders, Assistants and Returning Missionaries:

Fun to the last!

With the new office couple - the Keele's

Office Council and Returning Elders:

Hanging out at the mission home until departure time:

1st one - off to Australia:

Final packing and checking for overweight bags:)

Our 2 Ogden, Utah natives:

Off to Oregon/Washington:

Airport goodbyes:

WE MISS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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