Monday, August 12, 2013

Go Forth to Serve - Return With Honor

This last few weeks has been a lot of FIRSTS for us.  This post is a beginning and an end - our FIRST missionaries from the MTC and catching us up to date - our FIRST missionaries to complete their missions here and RETURN WITH HONOR:


Our missionaries arrived from the Ghana MTC on July 10th.  Here we are in front of the 
Tesano Chapel where we greeted them and then oriented them to our new mission.

We've decided that our mission is like a mini United Nations.
These missionaries are from the United States - Nevada & Idaho, Nigeria, Ghana & Sierra Leon.

This missionary from Lesotho (Country within South Africa) was delayed and we met him at our Mission Office. 

"Trainers"  - companions for our new missionaries waiting to be assigned.

First meeting of trainers with new missionaries.

 Just to report - these missionaries are all doing great & learning much!


This last week, Tuesday August 6th, we also saw our first group of missionaries Return Home With Honor.  Our Office Elders brought the middle 5 to our home to spend their last day. We shared a couple of meals, a trip to the temple and a wonderful testimony meeting before delivering them to the airport traveling to Utah, Wyoming, California and Samoa.  What a special day for us!

 Waiting for interviews with President Hill.

A view of a the Accra Ghana temple.

Our session was full of members receiving their own endowments from Cote D'ivorie (Ivory Coast)  The session was in French.  A great reminder of why we are all here - to help Heavenly Father's children return to Him. 

A last farewell to the temple.

 Repacking and weighing bags:

Our missionaries with the reminder of Ghana, handmade by a member here with their name and mission name - these with Ghana Accra Mission since they were ordered before our mission began.

Final photo op with the Assistants.

Goodbye shot with President and Sister Hill - next stop - the airport - then HOME!  Thanks to President and Sister Judd for sharing these fine Elders with us for the last month of their mission!
May God Bless and Keep Them!


  1. Wonderful pictures! Thank you for posting them. I believe our son will be in your next batch on Aug 21st. We'd sure love to see pics then too! Thank you for all you do! Jeanie Sharp

  2. What what a great post--love all the pictures of the missionaries, and looks like the baggage weigher will continuously come in handy!