Monday, August 26, 2013


UPDATE:  I haven't been able to get access to the blog for a few weeks but as I was going back though some previous posts looking for some photos recently I found this post that I thought I had posted but it is under "draft" in the blog files.  I hope I posted it last in August 2013 (when I wrote it) but just in case I didn't here it is.  Sorry to all those missionaries below if this was overlooked!  You will see them many times in other posts in the future as they are serving as leaders and trainers now!


We received our 2nd set of new missionaries here in the Ghana Accra West Mission on Wednesday, August 21st.  I think, so far, this my favorite part - to see the new missionaries - fresh from the MTC ready to serve the Lord and excited trainers ready to make the first experience for their companions here in Ghana a great one! They are all  AWESOME!
Missionary arrival day starts very early for all of us.  The missionaries arrived at the Tesano Stake Center by 7 am (about an hours' trip from TEMA, where the MTC is).  Our office Elders picked up our group of 17 Elders and 1 Sister - 15 Americans, the others from Figi, South Africa, Uganda.  I have said it's like the United Nations.  We now have 120 missionaries.  With this transfer we have nearly 1/3 of our missionaries as trainers and nearly another 1/3 being trained. 

As I met them, I had a confirmation that this is the place the Lord has called each one of them.  He knows them, loves them and needs them here!  Thanks to the families who have shared them with us!

Missionaries, direct from the MTC enter Tesano chapel with their luggage.

First place of gathering before introduction to mission.

New Elders and Sister waiting for instruction:

 New Missionaries on right - Trainers on left.

Awesome Trainers waiting excitedly for new companions:

Trainers greet new companions:

(Trainer on right)

(Trainer on left:)


One of our missionaries was ill - I'll post a picture of he and his trainer soon!

I'm reminded of the line in "The Little Prince".  

"You are responsible forever for he whom you have trained!"

Trainers and New Missionaries receive instruction:

New Missionaries with President and Sister Hill

 New Missionaries with Trainers and AP's
New Missionaries with Trainers & President and Sister Hill

Elders and Sisters gather before leaving church for areas:

On the way to the teaching area:

We are thrilled to welcome these missionaries to the Ghana Accra West Mission!

They and their families will be blessed for their service! 


P.S.  In the name of privacy I've not included names.


  1. Sister Hill,
    Thank you so much for keeping this blog. My son is one of your new missionaries so your posts are very meaningful to me. I love looking at the pictures and learning a little about the mission. What a wonderful place to serve!!

  2. Yes, thank you so much! It was an answer to prayers for me today to see my son's smiling face, especially after receiving his email today that left me with so many concerns. Posting these pics helped a lot! Jeanie Sharp

  3. Thanks for posting the pictures - I know it takes a lot of time and effort. So nice to see Elder Poland the trainer!

  4. So cute with the variety of expressions on their faces!
    They all look like marvelous instruments of the Lord though.
    More pictures of you and Grampy please!
    Love you, you're in our prayers!

  5. Love these pictures, mom, it's so fun to see the companionships and the happy smiles, ready to serve! I love hearing from their parents in the comments, too;) Just 6 years until I'll be one of those mama's hoping to see snippets of my boy on his mission!