Monday, August 19, 2013

Missionary Districts and Apartments

We have tried to set up a basic schedule for each week.  Among other activities, on Tuesday morning we try to visit District meetings (a different one each week) - which each of our districts hold.  Typically, a district is one or two apartments of missionaries. This gives us a chance to meet a few missionaries at a time and get to know them better - which we are loving!  On Wednesdays we try to visit and check out 2 or 3 apartments, with Elder and Sister Wall.  These may be called apartment inspections in other places but our primary goal is to make sure the apartments have everything they need - bed nets (they are using over beds at night to keep out mosquitoes), window screens (to make sure not too many mosquitoes are entering the apartments), water filters that are working (every apartment has these to make sure missionaries are drinking pure water) and various other items - decent (or maybe adequate) beds, study tables, working outlets and plumbing - as well as water.  We are trying to make sure the missionaries are as safe and healthy as possible in their mission apartments. 

Below are some of the missionaries we've visited for District meetings.  We met for our first few weeks at the chapels - since that was they only place we knew how to find:)  My internal GPS is starting to work better but goat path takes on a whole new meaning here.  We've joked before about roads looking like someone paved a cow path but here it's more like a goat path and most are not even paved:) 

Tantra Hills District

Kaneshie District

Mateheko District

Odorkor District

Nsawam District Apartment Courtyard:

Nsawam 1 Apartment

Nsawam 1 Front Room

From the front wall.  I think this apartment has been around for awhile!

My computer with all my pictures crashed so I'm going to go ahead and post what I have so far since it has taken most of the day to get this much.  My ongoing challenge is having the internet working and the computer functioning at the same time.  We have been promised new "OUTSTANDING INTERNET SERVICE" tomorrow!  No breath holding going on here, since that has been promised before, but if it happens I'll post the rest of the pictures I had planned.

We have the best missionaries ever and feel blessed to be a part of the Ghana Accra West Mission!


  1. Love the candid shots, great photo journalistic eye;)

  2. It was great to see some of my old apartments I lived in. Me and my second companion were the first to serve in Mataheko. I also was with the first group to live in the Odorkor apartment. haha good times. Thanks